2015-06-01 16:35:52 by SkipperCinnamon

I want to die.

News Post 2k14

2014-12-13 18:23:18 by SkipperCinnamon

Ive gotten onto looking for VA's needed posts. 
Y'know, to get sum done with my life.

Other than that im basically a hipster kinda person now (dont judge. Its a style)
And i also took a break from my girlfriend.

News Post (1st)

2014-11-15 09:19:13 by SkipperCinnamon

This being a news post of who i am and a little about myself.
Current name: Kenno Simmo.
Age: 16.
Addictions: Smoking.
Music interest: May vary.
Current Relationship Status: Taken.

So i'm a to-be juggalo. Quite the guy of terrible jokes and weird voices.